Yogic Solutions consultancy & curation focuses on the scope of your intention, vision and business to formulate optimum wellness programs that enrich you, your clients & guests.  

Innovative creativity is our trademark strength and we are dedicated to exploring your potential to ensure you are achieving joyful success with strategies that enable true growth and deep fulfilment . 





Women's Wellness                    Men's Health

Mindful Living                            Breathing Life

Office Ergonomics                    Corporate Wellness

Total Fitness                              Ageing Well

Executive Advance                    Peace of Mind

Beauty from the inside out      Asian Roots

Balanced weight                        Purification

Body and Mindfulness             Self Healing

Detoxification                            Eating for Life                       
Recuperation                             Embracing Change             

Art of Relaxation                       Healing Sleep

Stress-free Living                     Young at Heart

The benefits experienced through these programs can give your team and your guests life-changing results that add timeless values, enriching the quality and longevity of wellness. 

bespoke Retreats


Whether you are concerned for the health of your company or want to integrate wellness perspectives into your spa service we will create the best approach for you.

Please contact us with your ideas and questions..