Welcome to Yogic Solutions where you will find an all embracing wellness and hospitality service that dives deeply into the healing world of spa creation and discover the paths that can lead us

into an authentic experience of wellbeing.

I am delighted that you have arrived here and my intention is to collaborate with you and support the evolution of your spa and wellness service, in whatever form that may be. 

Explore all of our programs, our inherent knowledge and creative support systems that are designed to elevate Human Being's quality of life from the inside out, drawing on ancient wisdom and state of the art immersion into a sense of true regeneration and graceful longevity.



There is magic in the air, as each one of our client's requirements is unique in every respect we are able to provide a more detailed agenda of how we can help you following an initial consultation to evaluate and review your plans, concepts, philosophy and vision. No project is too small or large for our consideration.  From presentations on the practice of mindfulness in the workplace or at home, to the development of a fully functional Wellness Spa service from the ground up please review our scope...



 Collaboration is the key to success in a world full of opportunities. Our team of experts will bring organisation and structure to business plans, reviewing budgets, design, products, equipment and recruitment to optimise your success. Creating Signature elements from the customer journey, throughout your collaterals, communication, programs, therapies and products.  We intend to inspire, lead and guide your top tier management in the planning of effective strategies for operational efficiency and in the development of wellness programs that define your business.  




Your breath is the bridge between your body and your mind, sitting at the very core of life generating the power to transform on many levels. The breath forges a path to awaken our consciousness and is a psycho-physiological remedy for cellular healing and biological regeneration; alkalining the blood, reducing inflammation and regenerating static energy.  Learning how to breathe and how to guide others is a skill that adds depth to any therapists connection to themselves and their clients. Your breath is the ultimate creative tool and is available to master at any time, being completely free and personal.  Read how you can enrich, add grace and elevate wellness with your clients and for personal growth and wellbeing.

"The Definitive Spa and Body Therapists Handbook " is a valuable addition to any wellness team, creating a mindful practice and energetic field of conscious awareness.  



O'RA Living Blends, Yogic Solutions dynamic wellness and professional spa product brand, gives your in room hospitality and Spa Service a memorable, authentic caring touch.  Elevating the wellbeing of your guests is our priority and O'RA provides clients with a deep immersion into the power of pure plant extracts and oils, that are consciously crafted and aligned with the bodies natural internal pharmacy and subtle energy system. Find out more here.  



The path of the inner yogi is there for all to tread.

Your body is the key. Its seemingly finite form can look into the infinity of the skies just as it did ten thousand years ago. Yoga shines a light on the reality of having a body and a consciousness so that you will notice it, eventually becoming absorbed into the inner dynamic of just living -of being. Whether you are conscious of it or not you will breath until you stop breathing, You will live until you die. 

Yoga makes you conscious of living, so that you consciously become one with life.

Become the one who lives