Jacqualine Tara Herron - Founder


Jacqualine is an award winning spa and wellness professional and passionate trainer with an unusual wealth of knowledge and experience spanning a rich life and career.  Founder of Evolve Healing Arts School of body mind therapies, a qualified Yoga and Meditation teacher, Stress consultant, Aromatherapist, Ayurvedic practitioner, Energy Healer, Wellness Consultant and Spa Director.  She has studied, lived and worked n the USA, Hawaii, India, China, Mexico, Mauritius, Europe and the UK.  A published author and audio artist she became dedicated to creating  innovative signature spa products and rituals 18 years ago. Jacqualine works with inspiration and understanding of what is required from the business and client perspective to create an outstanding service anywhere in the world.  

Mel Cash


Mel Cash is one of the founding fathers of Remedial Massage Therapy and one of the world’s leading authorities on sports and soft tissue remedial massage. He is the founder and principal tutor of the London School of Sports Massage (LSSM) who offer certified BTEC level 5 courses throughout the UK and further qualifications from his (ISRM) Institute of Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy. 


Mel lectures at university level Anatomy and Physiology in the UK and USA and has a unique humorous approach to teaching with interesting case studies and a dynamic life experience to draw from. Mel was a sportsman himself for many years plus being a private therapist for some of the world’s greatest ballet dancers and athletes. 


The application of Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy as part of a wellness service is a powerful tool, when therapists can offer the best range of skills to treat the widest spectrum of minor and chronic musculoskeletal problems affecting the wider population as well as athletes. 


Mel’s in-spa training courses are tailored to suit the objectives of the business, location and needs of the team. He is an effective, positive and inspirational tutor adding huge value and opportunities for the growth of all involved. 

He is the author of several books including the popular Pocket Atlas of the Moving Body and Sport and Remedial Massage Therapy. Please see the Inspiration page to purchase this book.


As an altruist, Mel is founder of ‘Seeing Hands’ in Nepal, a charitable organization of clinics that provide massage training and work for blind people to give massage therapy www.seeinghands.org  Mel’s newest charitable project in Ethiopia, “Rural Clinics’ provides medical and health services to those living in remote areas of the country and is also a registered charity. For further information about this wonderful project and for charitable donations see www.ruralclinics.org    


In addition Jacqualine Herron's Consultancy  connections include a wide circle of industry professionals, specialist trainers, master programmers and therapists to help you fulfil the scope of your plans. Curating the right professionals offer guests variable and exclusive seasonal master lead retreats and programs that enhance your annual calendar of events, expanding your marketing potential and appeal.