mindfulness meditation


Vipassana Insight Meditation


Sit comfortably with a straight spine.

Begin to breathe deeply then let your breath come and go as it will. Be aware of that place deep within you that desires to breathe.  The impulse that draws the breath in and lets it go….  Simply watch the rise and fall of your abdomen as you breathe, without manipulation, anticipation or prediction.


Put aside judgement and rejection and just be with yourself.  Allow your mind to completely relax into being here now. In your body, aware of breathing.

Allow your hearing to relax by simply receiving the sounds around you.


Let go of any hankering, dissatisfaction, desires, irritation or craving and just be as you are.  Accept this very body that is your own. 

Sit steadily in that which you are, intimate with yourself




Focus your mind into a state of Inquiry. 

As if you have an Open Question poised in your mind.

 Develop a deep sense of  interest in observing your very nature

 The passage of your breath

Contains a pathway of recovery, a pathway to intimacy.


Observe the rise of your breath as you inhale and the fall as you exhale.

Allow your mind to inquire with interest  into the journey of the breath

From the initial inhale, to the middle to the full breath

Then the passage of the  exhale from the beginning though the middle to the emptiness.

Breathing in with inquiry make a mental notation  ‘rising’

Breathing out make a mental notation of ‘falling”

Continue to observe this passage.

If the mind wanders, as soon as notice it

Note “wandering’and return to the breath.


Inquire into all that you sense with curiosity and enthusiasm. 

Maintain that inner inquiry by being open and receptive

not assuming or analysing anything. Just let yourself be.

Develop a sense of observation and purpose. 


Concentrate light-heartedly.

Let your mind be light and detached in a gentle, caring manner. 

Do not bully or harass yourself. 

Put aside judgement and rejection. 

Not identifying with the drama in your mind.

Just watching it play out.


When the mind wanders

Or is lost in thought

Simply remember your breath

And return to the rise and fall of your body as you breathe.


Observe your own presence, your own breath, your own space. 

Breathing, sitting, hearing,

Simply be here for yourself

 be at peace.


Making peace with your mind – the flow of thoughts, feelings and sensations. Accept your whole being, body, mind and soul.  You are the greatest mystery you will every encounter.  All other phenomena emanate from your very existence.  Become aware of it and accept yourself.