Introducing Wellness initiatives within an integrated approach to your core business strategy and into spa programs brings life changing experience to all involved.  Applying wellness principles can resolve problems modern medicine cannot, giving opportunities for instilling a sense of purpose and inspiration into peoples lives and into the quality of business as a whole.

 The mind is the map, the body is the territory 


The focus on wellness within the corporate world as well as spa and mental health initiatives represents our evolving awareness of how todays hi-tech lifestyles and polluted environments have imbalanced our lives mentally, physically and emotionally.  

The impact of consistent use of high frequency technology, the pressure of competitive jobs, stressful travel, prescriptive drug use, family demands, unconscious sugar and preservative intake have all affected our vital organs, immune system and subsequent sense of wellbeing. 


Understanding the intrinsic connection between our mental state, how we eat, how we move, exercise, work, sleep, socialise and communicate is valuable knowledge for living a wholesome happy life.


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