The Definitive Spa and Body Therapists Handbook    

5 Keys to Energy Balance & Bliss

Mindful Solutions for Creating True Wellness in Spas


Praise for the book....
"I believe The Definitive Spa Therapists Handbook book should be made available to every spa therapist in every spa library and educational institute around the world. Tara is like your invisible companion, awakening you to self discovery; self investment; and eventual self mastery.

Your passage to becoming a whole therapist is through first becoming a fully conscious; soulful therapist; and this book is your guided journey to becoming that extraordinary professional."

Leslie Lyons, Founder Director of Spas2b, Spa Development and Management Training, Canada "


The following five keys are designed to cultivate the growing awareness of your creativity and work within the spa environment developing your inner being, offering skills, understanding, insight and guidance of the influential areas that enhance your skills as a therapist, trainer or manager. 


Your Body
Your posture and body awareness is fundamental to supporting your vehicle(your body) for practicing demanding physical therapies time after time. This chapter provides you with the awareness, techniques and safe practices to improve therapeutic benefits, avoid injury,protect you, reduce overload, and define your boundaries in the treatment room and as part of the spa team. 


Your Breathing
If you are not breathing fully, your client is not breathing! Your breath is at the very centre of how your energy circulates and releases. A tool that supports, transforms and relaxes. Knowledge and techniques are shared to give you the skills required to use your breath as a means of transforming yourself and your clients experience. 


Your Mind
The quality of your thoughts, consciousness and intention are at the pivot of how you relate to and transform your creative work experience. Understanding the dynamics of thought, orientation and intention with practices of how to use this knowledge to the benefit of yourself and others.Enlightening and inspirational. 



Your Spirit

Your alignment with the resource of Universal Energy is directly connected to your insight, sensitivity and healing potential that protects and guides you through the transforming nature of hand on treatments. This chapter defines the experience of connecting to universal healing energy, how you can consciously develop yourself within it, and how to open up your heart and mind to deepen and enrich your physical touch and healing potential.


Your Space

How you clean, clear, organise and relate to the space in which you work is an essential element to maintain balance, energy, safety and harmony for you and your guest. The placing of objects, accessories and knowing the power points of your room become dynamic supportive qualities whilst you work.

Also, understanding the nature of your work environment, the purpose of equipment and therapies, from high street salon to destination spa, is a crucial part of enjoying your work and creating a sense of belonging. Information on training, employment, job descriptions, how to deal with complaints, insurance, management and team building are embraced within this chapter.


Intelligent Wisdom

The Five Keys together comprise the wholeness of your experience as a therapist which puts the wisdom back together with your intelligence, skill, and environment. This is for the Whole Therapist. This handbook draws on the Ayurvedic analogue of `wholeness` as the cornerstone philosophy for understanding the inter-relationship of all the elements needed to operate wholeheartedly as a spa therapist. It is one thing to have an intelligent grasp of therapeutic techniques on practical or theoretical levels, but is that really enough? In today’s world people come for spa therapy because they want to feel really good, deep down inside, not just for superficial reasons or to treat one particular symptom. Therapists need and want to know how to respond to this universal factor in such a way that you utilise all aspects of your body, mind and soul.


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