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the definitive Spa and Body Therapists Handbook

Tara's handbook for wellness service providers and operators, draws on the Ayurvedic analogue of `wholeness` as the cornerstone philosophy for understanding the inter-relationship of all the elements required to operate effectively as a wellness professional. It is one thing to have an intelligent grasp of therapeutic techniques on practical or theoretical levels, but is that really enough?  More>>




Evolve Mindfulness Meditations

for download.

Three guided meditations for your optimum well-being, personal growth and psycho/spiritual nourishment. Original script, voice and music composition.



Joyful Journeys.

CD and downloads.
'Enjoy getting there as much as being there'.
Three practical and effective guided meditations and relaxations to help you travel in peace and balance.



Spa Business Development is your Personal Spa Consultant and contains a wealth of information guiding the spa  and wellness developer, operator, manager and sole trader in the successful development of signature spas, salons and retreats. With 138 pages packed with practical knowledge from traditonal to contemporary approaches to spa culture, operations, products, therapy and business. 
Review the index, sample pages, Buy and Download with a click.  More>>



BOOK - Sport and Remedial Massage Therapy by mel cash

Mel Cash is one of the founding fathers of sports massage and one of the world’s leading authorities on sports and soft tissue remedial massage. He is the author of several books including the popular Pocket Atlas of the Moving Body and Sport and Remedial Massage Therapy. 

For more information about Mel Cash please see the 'team' page